Student Process ONLINE TEST !

Examination conduction is quite different from an online class with quizzes. You will need a proper platform to manage and monitor an exam. Have a preview of exam platform.
For more details, check the 'How it works' tab or visit the lovemytest homepage.

Students login to the system. (Pls scroll down to view other screens)

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Students get a Dashboard with their alocated tests and instructions to start the test.

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Students need to verify their credentials and take a photograph and upload it.

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Students take the test by selecting the correct options.

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Student movements are tracked, they can't login from two devices simultaneously.

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When a student finishes the test, he/she gets an alret about un-attempted questions.

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After submission student gets a message of test completion and can logout.

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Mobile Interface Login pages.

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Mobile Interface Exam Pages.

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Viewing the Results

  • Once the teacher publishes the result, the 'Result' button will be activated on the student's dashboard.

  • Students can see a summary score sheet as below.

  • Individual questions, mark obtained and correct answers can be seen for objective questions.

  • For subjective questions, students will be able to view the marks, correct solutions, teacher's feedback if any and annotations.


Please go through the instructions from: Guidelines for taking a test

YouTube Videos:

  • How to take a test online: Taking a Test
  • Taking a test on mobile as explained by a student: Taking a Test on mobile

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